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Joshua Pior

There's a better way to transform our body and health. Contrary to what you read about on most online fitness blogs, we believe that there are 4 pillars that truly matter:​​​​

#1 The Mental Training:

A Crystal Clear Plan

To truly become unstoppable we must know exactly 'what' we want and 'why' it's a must achieve. If you haven't been able to stay motivated, focused, or stick with your plan. You're not alone, so create a clearly defined, written goal(s). This is the heart of your success.

#2 The Nutrition:

Learn To Master Eating

If you want to become a fat burning machine and to truly transform your body, you gotta eat clean. Stop trying to "diet" your way there. Create simple small habits that make 'eating clean' a lifestyle.  It's the oldest approach to drop the fat & transform your body but it's the most reliable one.

#3 The Weight Training:

Progressive Weight Lifting

You can lose weight with a diet, but only weight training can increase your strength & literally give you a new body.
Weight lifting will be the most powerful tool you can use. Combined with proper nutrition will drop fat and re-shape your body faster than any exercise technique. The more lean muscle, the more calories you burn. The more you burn the fitter you'll become.

#4 The Cardio Training:

Getting & Staying Active

This is the last equation (pillar) to burning fat off & keeping it off - forever. Nutrition & weight lifting will get you great results but can be slower & harder to keep fat off without cardio. Accelerate your results by finding a cardio exercise you enjoy & look forward doing.  You're now on your way to getting leaner, fitter, and healthier - for life!

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Who is this Guy?

I'm Joshua Pior, and I'm from Texas.

My health and fitness journey started in 2007. That's when I got serious and became an exercise physicist and a health coach. My main passion is helping motivated and driven men and women who are sick and tired of struggling with their weight & body physique. 

I'm now merging all my training secrets and resources to the online world. Where I can help you become healthier, fitter, & leaner - for life too.  Teaching you the actual secrets & resources to drop body fat & develop your fit body habits.

Happy to meet you 🙂💪 🔥