My name is Joshua Pior, I'm the owner of PiorProFitness and I've been in the diet and fitness industry since 2007 and here are a few things about me:

  • I have over 5 different personal training certifications

  • Have trained over 15,000 times with hundreds of clients.

  • I'm a performance nutrition expert 

  • A tester of weight loss strategies/diets & extraction what 'actually' works.

I'm an exercise physicist and I help coach people (currently offline) how to master their health & fitness to truly transform their bodies every day.  Especially when it comes to fat loss.  I say this to let you know I have a good understanding how you are feeling and what you're going through. 

My basic philosophy for fat loss and fitness is model yourself after an expert with hard work, dedication. It's the simplest and fastest method in overcoming the learning curve.

Dabbling in and out of fitness tips, tactics & infomation can only get us so far - there's truly no substitute for experience. This is the same strategy I use. If we want to lose the fat and build lean muscle,  we must learn from the fittest people in the world (i.e. physique athletes & bodybuilders) too because they are the world's greatest gures in the science of body transformation.

What is PiorProFitness About?

PiorProFitness, is about everything you need to drop body fat and empower you to transform yourself into the body that makes you the happiest. 

In order for me to keep developing the online programs and resource research that'll help you:

To be happy. To look and feel sexy. To be healthy. To be confident. 

I'm searching the web to find the best products for you. Simultaneously helping me fund this site so I can serve you at a higher and higher level. That's why you'll see many different products all tailored to fitness. I want to give you an arsenal of tools for your kitchen, everyday living, gym, and accountability.

I want this to be more than just workout video, cookie cut templates but a real life tools that you can use to keep yourself accountable. To allow your "fit habits" to grow, making you unstoppable.

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